Multi-language support professional, pragmatic minimalist, barefoot runner, working twin mom.

You are not your possessions.
You are what you repeatedly do.
Therefore excellence is not an act,
but a habit.

Valentina & Aristoteles

MUSINGS (as in: my blog)

Read more about my pragmatic take on minimalism, customer support, motherhood, productivity and leadership. Ride along as I conquer the big and small challenges of real life, learning and growing one experiment at a time. And who knows, you might get inspired to change things yourself.

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I love green tea - especially Japanese green tea. Since this is a difficult treat to come by in Spain, I decided to bring some selected Japanese premium teas to this country. The tea pop-up section in this store depends on my current stock levels - so don’t wait too long.
I love writing - mostly in Spanish. I am in the process of translating some of the Spanish books into English. They will be available in the store once they are ready.


English is my second language (literally). I mostly write in Spanish (my fourth language) and have just started to express myself in German (my native language). If you speak any of these languages, head over to the Spanish/German sister version of this site - and delight in the comparison 🙂

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