About me

My name is Valentina Thörner. Mind those double dots on the “o”.

It’s pronounced like `turner`. Yes, just like Tina Turner.

I am a woman in a tech company. I am an expatriate. I am European in a (mostly) US-American work culture. I am forever looking for the pragmatic solution that works. I am a sustainable stoic in a consumerist world. I know what it means to be the odd one out and using that status to trigger change – for me and for others.

I work for Automattic, helping customers to create a successful store with WooCommerce, anywhere, and in whichever languages they need. I have been a multi-language store owner in the past, and supporting global citizens is my passion.

My core values are autonomy, respect, action. You’ll probably recognize these values in one form or another in most things that I do. If they resonate with you, we’ll most likely get along both professionally and personally.

If you’ve just found me, feel free to explore this website or hop over to my English speaking blog. If you are comfortable reading in Spanish, my blog on minimalism might be a good fit. And if you want to get in touch, find me as ValeDeOro on the social web.

Customer Support as a Career

Without customers, there is no company. Without meeting your customers where they are and teaching them to get where they want to be, there won’t be any resources yet. No other career choice embodies what I value to such a high extent [CV on LinkedIn.]

You can find some of my musings around support on my English blog.

Currently, I support a team of 7 offering customer support for WooCommerce shop owners and developers. I am also involved in quality assurance and multi-language options for our customers.

Never Stop Learning

I studied Political Sciences and Intercultural Communication in Chemnitz (DE). I specialized in feminist theory at USP in Brasil. I have a double degree (M.Sc) in European Studies and Innovation Management from Syddansk Universitet (DK) and Flensburg University (DE) – and I’ve done my fair share of modules on Coursera around Leadership, Neuroscience, applied mathematics, Marketing, and Literature. I believe in the merits of a broad education and try to mix and match new ideas.

If you don’t know what to talk about, ask me what I am reading or studying 😉

Exercising Body and Brain

I consider myself a runner, even though I probably run much less than I should. I aim for 4x6k as a minimum each week – usually when running the kids to school – all those 2 and 3k runs? That’s me running 2.1km with a pram and two kids and then flying back home with nothing in tow.

Running is my meditation, it helps me to stay grounded, patient and friendly – three attributes that are quite helpful when dealing with customers, colleagues, friends and family, and with myself.

And if I get bored on those longer runs – there are lots of highly educational podcasts out there. And, of course, A Natural History of Dragons.

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