About me

Valentina sitting outside an office building working on her computer

My name is Valentina Thörner. Mind those double dots on the “o”.

It’s pronounced like `turner`. Yes, just like Tina Turner.

Currently, I work for Automattic, leading a successful customer support team – from a distance. At the same time I am helping colleagues and clients to create the processes and habits needed to excel in remote leadership.

I am a woman in a tech company. I am an expatriate. I am European in a (mostly) US-American work culture. I am forever looking for the pragmatic solution that works.

My core values are autonomy, respect, action. You’ll probably recognize these values in one form or another in most things that I do. If these values resonate with you, we’ll most likely get along.

If you’ve just found me, feel free to explore this website, including my blog with musings around (remote) leadership, habit creation, customer support and some personal tidbits. If you are specifically looking for guidance on leading location independent support teams, check out my book “From a Distance” or get in touch.

You can find me as ValeDeOro on the social web.

Experience and inspiration

With over a decade of working, leading and teaching (remote) leadership, habit change and productivity, I am well equipped to help team leads and companies to create the processes they need to excel in a remote environment.

Turn your office into an optional perk, instead of requiring your employees to commute every day. Remote work is the future. It’s about time your company starts creating the habits and routines necessary to work from everywhere.

[CV on LinkedIn.]

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