Remote work and location independence

Little perks of remote work: fresh picked berries at work

If your professional activity requires a computer and access to software and the internet, going to the office is not really necessary. It has turned into something we do because "that's how you do work". With the availability of affordable computers and wifi connections at home/at your local coffee shop, the reasons for going...

What do you see when you look up?

I am sitting on my parents' terrace overlooking their garden with eight plastic sheep. My mother just rearranged them. They will stay that way for the next 20 min, approximately. Then my kids will be tired of looking at the cat and resume their task of knocking the sheep over for the 17th time. ...

50 Shades of Support

Working for a distributed company means I do not share a physical space with my colleagues. Instead, we share a virtual environment full of P2s (internal blogs) and slack (chat) channels, internal and external documentation and occasional video conferences. These resources help us to support our customers, wherever and whenever they need it. ...

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