Traditional Italian Limoncello Recipe


I got this Limoncello recipe from an old Italian gentleman whom I met on my Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage in 2012. I was recently separated, he was about to celebrate his silver wedding anniversary. His secret: limoncello. And this is his recipe: it’s a true slow-food (or rather slow-drink) recipe, so if you can spare 2 months – it’s time to make your own limoncello.

Ingredients for your home-made Limoncello

  • 200g lemon skin.
    Make sure the lemons are organic and not treated with any chemicals – since those will end up in your drink.
    Peel only the yellow part of the skin. Avoid the white part at all costs, since it will make your Limoncello too bitter.
  • 1 l  pure alcohol (95º – for alimentary use, not the medical one)
  • 7oog white sugar
  • 1 l water

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Put the lemon skin and the alcohol into a bottle and close tight.
  2. Store the bottle in a dark place, shake daily.
  3. After 30 days, mix water and sugar and heat until the sugar is dissolved completely (don’t overheat)
  4. Let the sugar liquid cool down to room temperature
  5. Filter the alcohol-lemon concoction and mix it carefully with the sugar liquid.
  6. Put the “raw limoncello” in small bottles.
  7. Store for another 30 days in a dark place – then move it to the freezer.

Always serve limoncello out of the freezer, preferably in frozen shot glasses.

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