What to read when leading a support team

My favourite corner: a makeshift sofa to read on.

I wish I could give you a curated list of blogs to follow. The thing is, blogs get in the way of me trying to not spend all of my free (and child-free) time at my computer. I do read Andrea Bagdley’s experiences with a Career in Customer Support, Andrew Spittle’s musings about his work and his readings. I hope Kristen Zuck keeps writing. I love checking Scott Dawson’s Art Of Working Remotely (including the weekly twitter chat). I always learn something from Naomi. I revel in the deep dives Kevin Simler shares. And Janelle Hanchett reminds me that I am not alone.

That said, I am more of a book person. I put them on my kindle or get the paper version. I cuddle up in bed, in my sofa corner, on the balcony and dive deep. I mix up fantasy with “serious” stuff like leadership, neuroscience, communication, and customer service. And I like to think that this mix makes my brain a little bit special.

So here are my favourite books that kind of relate to the work I do:

Books on how to be a better leader, for yourself and others:

Books that make you reevaluate and think critically:

Books to help expressing yourself:

Books about customer support:

May you have time to read more 🙂

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