Speaking is a means to move people to action. That’s why all my talks and workshops are practical and applicable to real life. Favourite topics are:

  • Work from home/remote work, with special emphasis on how to maintain a (kind of) healthy boundary between work life and personal life (and not end up hating your kids in the process).
  • Customers support as a growth strategy instead of a cost center
  • Empathy in tech support a.k.a. how to take your customers serious
  • Remote leadership / support leadership
  • Pragmatic minimalism and productivity for people who don’t have time for BS (“you need a system” thinking)
  • Diversity in action: why your company needs more than English in your communiation, more then male brains in your product, and more than hetero-normative family values in your culture

Some examples:

Customer support for WP plugin authors (Spanish)
WordCamp Gran Canaria – February 2018

Survival Skills for Working Moms (Spanish)
1er Congreso de Productividad Personal, online – October 2017

Top 5 Q&A around leadership and customer support from the Watercooler AMA
Summary post from an async 48 hour AMA hosted by TheWatercooler.io

Customer Feedback – Are You Really Listening?
Support Driven Exposition, Portland OR – June 2017

MultiLanguage WooCommerce Stores
WordCamp Europe, Paris (France) – April 2017

Minimalist Meetups (Spanish)
Regular workshops on minimalism around Barcelona, 2015/2016

Proyecto 333 goes PechaKucha

PechaKucha,  Barcelona – August 2011

Interested in hearing me speak at your conference or meetup? Get in touch and see if we are a good fit – in person or via video conference.

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